Micro-ring Hair Extensions

3. About Micro-ring Hair Extensions
The new Micro Ring technique is the smallest and most undetectable Hair Extensions technique available.
There is no glue, sewing or braids involved and there is no damage to your own hair. Micro Ring extensions should last up to three months before needing to be removed/reinstalled/tightened.
The Micro Ring installation and removal system is one of the easiest hair extension systems available on the market. This technique can be done on all types of hair. The rings come in different colours of metal and are covered with plastic which provides a comfortable cushion for hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities.
Those who have worn micro ring extensions attest that they are comfortable day-to-day and the hair stays in place until you remove it!
Micro-ring Hair Extensions from £260 (including cost of hair)


4. Other hair services

Wash and cut £15-25 only
Dry cut £15-20
Wash, cut and blow dry £25-35
Blow dry £15-25
Highlights and lowlights whole head £47-57
Highlights and lowlights half head £37-40
Highlights and lowlights top section £27-35
Tints whole head £25-35
Tints roots (re-growth) £25
Wella and L’Oreal (permanent, semi-permanent and ammonia free) colours used.